Steve Toxels Slave Contract

This codicil enhances the existing Marriage Vows that has been in effect with Karen and steve since June 26, 1961 by defining the roles of Dominance and Submission in living their FemDom Lifestyle of Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism, or referred to as BDSM from here forward. It is based on their belief that the WOMAN is always, everywhere and in everything, superior to the male creature, and thereby forms the working relationship of slavery for how the Marriage Vows are fulfilled through Domination and Submission. The Superior Woman is henceforth known as Mistress Karen and the male creature as slave steve. The Marriage Vows effectively covers the relationship of the couple in regards to the “vanilla” world’s expectations of a Family Unit. This codicil covers the behavior of the male creature husband, in all aspects of his life in total submission to his Superior Female Wife as he fulfills his obligations in his Marriage Vows and BDSM Lifestyle as slave. This is a much broader contract that encompasses and expands his Marriage Vows and obligations.
steve first went into slavery with a contract on 4/14/03. There have been modifications since then, and this codicil and contract replaces all other slavery contracts.
slave acknowledges that this is a consensual and binding contract to degrade and humiliate the male human steve troxel, into nothing more than a male creature with no rights of any kind, owned as a mere piece of property, whose body, genitals and very being are forced into BDSM slavery to serve the whims of Mistress Karen and WOMEN. slave steve’s only purpose is to serve any and all WOMEN who enjoy the torture of a male creature’s body and genitals under the ownership and control of his owner and Mistress, Karen Troxel. By signing this contract the male creature, slave steve, continues from his previous contract, immediately, fully, irrevocably and unconditionally, as the property of Mistress Karen, with no control over his usage by WOMEN outside the terms of this contract.
– slave acknowledges that WOMEN are superior to male creatures, and that he is merely a male creature.
– slave acknowledges that WOMEN have the undeniable right to own and use slaves.
– slave steve was registered in The Male Slave Register on 3/30/04 with Ownership certificate #489000 as being an owned slave of Mistress Karen.


Mistress Karen is registered in The Other World Kingdom (OWK) as a Lady Slaver entitled to own slaves with Slave Ownership Deed (SOD) #001583. Mistress Karen has registered owning slave steve in the OWK’s International Registry of Slaves (IRS) with his Slave Registration Number (SRN) #001218.


slave acknowledges a basic concept of “Protect Mistress, Humiliate slave”, or PMHs, in that slave must not resist his humiliation, but not embarrass Mistress in public.


slave acknowledges that there will be specific rules for his private and public behavior under this contract, and that those rules may change from time to time as circumstance changes or develops. This contract will contain the stable concepts, and another document called “slave rules” are an addendum to this contract that Mistress will modify from time to time without slave’s input. It requires no signatures, and is completely binding on slave’s behavior and punishment.


slave acknowledges another document as an addendum to this contract called “slave pleadings”.  The slavery contract is a public document for anyone to see and is website published, while “slave pleadings” are private ongoing arrangements between Mistress and slave regarding slave’s training. Either Mistress or slave can modify slave pleadings as it is the tool for each to express and agree upon changes that may, or may not, work their way into future slavery contracts or slave rules.   slave pleadings must be signed by both parties to enforce modified behavior by either Mistress or slave.


slave acknowledges that he must adhere to a dress code of total nudity and in chains at all possible times. his rules will provide guidelines for his nudity in public.


slave acknowledges that he has no control on how he is used, and therefore accepts his primary duty to keep his genitals exposed and available at all times so that he may be easily used when, where and how WOMEN see fit.
Slave’s secondary function, is the support and care of Mistress through his marriage vows.


slave acknowledges that he no longer has any rights that aren’t given to him by Mistress Karen, including what happens to his body, particularly his genitals, but understands that Mistress Karen agrees to care for him and not allow permanent damage. slave agrees that this issue of permanent damage is solely in the hands of Mistress Karen, and understands that this contract is removing his previous right to a safeword. he no longer has any means that guarantees the stopping of his torture and may only beg to his Mistress regarding any issues he may be having with his torture. Mere pain is a goal to achieve his screams and bodily struggles against his bonds, and NOT a reason to modify torture. Screams and vocal pleas to “Please Stop”, “No”, “God I Can’t Take It” etc., are goals of torture, and slave here and now, by signing this contract, acknowledges that such struggles are actually signs to increase the intensity of the torture. slave also understands that this level of torture involves “marking” of the slave which will go away in time, and is NOT permanent damage. Any decisions to modify what is happening to him is solely hers to acknowledge, ignore or gag slave. One exception: “red” may be used to communicate a problem to Mistress Karen, if slave is being used by another woman in Mistress’s presence. Again, the decision is hers. The only limit on marking slave is the visible areas of his body when working, such as face, neck, arms and hands. slave should expect the rest of his body and genitals to suffer greatly and require healing, as well as a sore throat from screaming.


slave acknowledges that once he signed his original contract on 4/14/03,  contract modifications can be made by Mistress Karen alone, and he MUST sign the new contract.




Separation of the concepts of Sex and Sexual Torture.
Sex: Slave acknowledges that his pleasure of sexual intercourse is now denied him, and reserved for when Mistress Karen orders it for her pleasure only. slave will NOT have a love affair or intercourse with any other person or creature. There is no longer any concern for his sexual satisfaction whatsoever, except as a tool for his manipulation, control and enjoyment of his struggles and suffering by WOMEN. As a creature, sex will take on a new role for slave under this contract, that of a sex slave restricted to oral service. This is now his only role in sex.
Sexual Torture: slave WILL suffer sexual torture of his genitals by any WOMAN under the care and permission of Mistress Karen.


Obeying other WOMEN. So long as Mistress Karen is present and slave can assume she heard the order or request, slave will immediately obey the orders of any WOMAN, knowing Mistress Karen can control any situations she does not approve of. If Mistress Karen is not present, and the request is for his sexual exposure, usage, or torture, slave must respectfully explain he has to have the permission of Mistress Karen to comply. ANY request for vanilla assistance by a WOMAN requires the slave’s immediate compliance, and slave must pitch in with any such vanilla assistance that is obvious to assist ANY Dominant or other slave charged with serving Dominants.


By signing this Contract all assets, movable and real property, hitherto owned by the slave, become the property of Mistress Karen. A separate checking account will be setup that only Mistress Karen can access, and slave shall transfer all deposits into his checking to that account, less any “allowance” Mistress Karen may set for his lunches at work. slave is to have no ability to spend money whatsoever included in the removal of all his rights.
This contract is acknowledged as, and desired to be, by slave as a binding agreement which defines in specific terms the relationship and interaction between the married parties, hereafter termed the Mistress (Owner) and slave (male creature). This agreement is considered legal and binding by both parties. This agreement is entered into voluntarily by both parties, and is agreed upon as follows:
This contract may be terminated at any time by Mistress Karen, but never by the slave.
Mistress Karen has the right to terminate the contract by actually selling the male creature. Forcing the slave to participate naked and bound in a slave auction with other slaves for their usage to raise money, is NOT terminating the contract.
The contract is made for the indefinite time and expires only by the death of the slave or Mistress Karen.
Premature termination hereof by the slave during Mistress Karen’s lifetime shall not be possible under any circumstances.


The signing hereof is an increased level of the slave’s final act of free will over his previous contracts. slave is stating that previous contracts have served to verify his submission, and now he is making his final step into total and absolute submission, per items in the document slave pleadings. The slave is understood as a creature, who on the basis of his voluntary decision, made in writing, has relinquished ALL rights to the benefit of his Mistress Owner. The slave is therefore no longer considered to be a free human being, but rather will be made a very real component of the personal property of Mistress Karen.




Mistress Karen is free of any duties vis-à-vis the slave whatsoever.
Mistress Karen is free to use, abuse and exploit the slave for any work and activities, aimed for her well-being and benefit, or those of any third party.
Mistress Karen is free to punish the slave at any time, place and manner.
Mistress Karen is free to lend, lease, sell or bequeath the slave to any third party.
Mistress Karen accepts the responsibility of the slave’s body and soul.
Mistress Karen acknowledges the transfer of all assets and income to her from the slave.
Mistress Karen agrees to care for the slave, as long as she owns it.




The slave has no rights whatsoever.
The slave agrees to submit completely to Mistress Karen in all ways. There are no boundaries in place, time, or situation in which the slave may refuse to obey the directive of Mistress Karen without risking punishment.
The slave agrees that, once entered into the Slavery Contract, its body and soul belongs to Mistress Karen, to be used as she decides, within the guidelines defined herein.
All of the slave’s possessions belong to Mistress Karen, including all moveable assets, real property, finances, and material goods, to do with as she see fit.
The slave agrees to please Mistress Karen to the best of its ability, in that he exists solely for the pleasure of said Mistress Karen and WOMEN.
The slave is obliged to obey and perform any command, instruction or order given to him by his Owner or those empowered under this contract.
The slave shall have to suffer the infliction of any punishment upon him by his Owner or those empowered under this contract, or ordered by those empowered under this contract.
The slave is obliged to do his utmost to cater for the comfort, well-being and care free life of his Owner or those empowered under this contract, to the best of his knowledge and belief.




The slave agrees to accept any punishment Mistress Karen decides to inflict, by any reason or whim.
Naked immobilization is referred to in this contract as a means of forcing slave to comply with some issue. This is a technique to achieve a quick response since time is usually of the essence. slave is to be stripped naked, blindfolded or hooded, gagged and chained spread eagle on his back on some horizontal surface, preferably a very uncomfortable surface. Plastic should be used underneath him if this is expected to take some time, and if possible it should be in a public place where others can see, and/or participate in his torture, but that place must be available as long as is needed so that slave does not experience any freedom because he must be moved. slave is to receive no care whatsoever until he agrees to comply. i.e. no food, water, loosening of bonds, attention to begging, etc. If this takes a while, the plastic may be needed to contain bodily functions. slave should be totally ignored for a hour at a time. Each hour he should be tortured, with genitals receiving heavy pain. Waxing, cropping and caning are excellent for this purpose, and no care or soothing of his pain and discomfort should occur between tortures. After a round of this slave will realize that if he doesn’t comply during the torture, he will suffer alone for an hour before anyone returns to pay attention to him. If sleep is required by Mistress, she can certainly involve others in the hourly torture, or simply ignore him while she sleeps. Either is effective. Punishment should steadily increase towards the extreme if slave continues to hold out, and he should become quite marked in areas allowed in this contract. What he is to agree to must now be signed by him, so it should be prepared and ready on paper for his signature. slave is NOT to be let loose to sign this document. The document should be place under the hand he signs with, that hand provided with a writing instrument and he must scribble his signature. The document should say “Signed Under Torture” above the signature area, to both explain why the signature doesn’t look normal, and to serve as a record of his misconduct. Mistress Karen may want to start the torture at a much more extreme level if future instances of this behavior occur.




Punishment of the slave must not lead to permanent bodily harm. Treatment of the slave must not cause any permanent health problems or risk for permanent health problems.




Permanent bodily changes of the slaves body is not regarded as permanent bodily harm.
Mistress Karen can decide to make permanent bodily changes to the slave’s body to be announced to the slave 3 months in advance. The bodily changes are i.e. a piercing, tattoo or branding, in order to make it more obvious that this male creature is a slave.
If the slave does not accept the changes immediately, he may be punished and immobilized naked until he accepts. his acceptance now must be in writing with his signature.




The slave is not allowed to seek on his own, any other WOMAN or lover for his sexual gratification. To do so will be considered a breach of contract, and will result in extreme punishment.  slave MUST however, respond to the terms of sexual torture by others as described in the preamble. Failure to do so will result in the same extreme punishment.


Mistress Karen may accept other male or female slaves.


The slave has no right to a sexual life. Occasional sexual gratification can be granted, as a big honor on the decision of Mistress Karen, but always in connection with humiliating circumstances.


Mistress Karen is free to give the slave to other WOMEN, providing the rules of this contract are upheld. In such a situation, it will be Dominants already pre-approved as described in The Rules, or Mistress Karen will inform the WOMAN of the provisions stated herein.




This contract is an official slavery contract and can only be modified by Mistress Karen. Mistress Karen may, or may not, involve slave in the modifications. That is solely up to her. In either case slave must sign all revisions as acknowledged in the acknowledgements above. Failure to do so will result in punishment and naked immobilization until he does.




This contract may be terminated at any time by Mistress Karen, but never by the slave.
If Mistress Karen terminates the contract she has the right to determine if the slave will play any further role in her life, or be divorced, and sold or simply donated and shipped for Real Slavery in OWK.
The male creature’s slavery is made for an indefinite period of time, and his slavery will never end except by his death. Before displeasing Mistress Karen to this level, he should realize that if she tires of him, she may very well knowingly sell him into a much worse situation that causes him suffering he has not known.
Premature termination hereof by the slave shall not be possible under any circumstances. he became a slave on 4/14/03 with an increasing level of submission, leading to this contract making that submission absolute. There is no way out for the slave, but there are much worse options for him than the loving care of Mistress Karen.




After signing this contract, the slave is no longer a free human being. he is a male creature who is a slave in BDSM. The slave shall be totally dependent on his Mistress Karen.


Other legal systems can be in conflict with the legal status of a slave. The slave is obliged to seek arrangements, which make his status in other legal systems most similar to his status as a slave.


The slave is obliged, through legal actions, to transfer all property, moveable or real, to his Owner. All income is immediately to be transferred to a bank account of his Owner for which he does not have access.


As another security of this contract’s enforcement and execution, the slave hereby transfers to his Owner all copyrights to photos, films etc., exposing the slave in his true nature of bound nudity and torture, including the right to publish that material.


If the securities stated in this section are not properly transferred to the Owner, Mistress Karen may turn slave over to a third party to imprison and torture the slave. There will be no care and restrictions from her, until a confession is made and acceptance from the slave is in hand, to take the legal actions required.




Only Mistress Karen can have complaints against slave regarding this contract, and may turn slave over to a third party for imprisonment and torture to correct problems. If this does not work, the provisions under Termination Of Contract may be activated by Mistress Karen.




Mistress Karen may have slave marked with a tattoo on his left ass cheek, stating the name “Mistress Karen” and the slave’s number in the International Registry of Salves in OWK, as “OWK IRS 001218” Marked like that it is always possible to see the slaves origin.


The contracting parties herewith declare to hold the provisions hereof as absolutely binding.
The Owner shall govern any other relations between the parties, not explicitly regulated herein.
Mistress Karen holds this contract as absolute ownership of the slave.
A copy of this contract will be published on Mistress Karen’s website at
i  have read and fully understand this contract in its entirety.
i  agree to give everything i own to Mistress Karen and further i accept her claim of ownership over my physical body.
i understand that i will be commanded, trained, tortured and punished as a slave.
i understand that my genitals in particular, are the sole property of Mistress Karen
i promise to be true and to fulfill the pleasures and desires of Mistress Karen to the best of my abilities.
i understand that i cannot withdraw from this contract under any circumstances.


Signature:_________________________________________  Date: ___________________________
          Leon S. Troxel


I have read and fully understand this contract in its entirety.
I agree to accept this slave as my property, his body, genitals in particular, and all his possessions owned hitherto by him, and to care for him as a true slave.
This slave will be kept naked and in chains, used, tortured and abused and will have to earn every single favor.
I understand that I can withdraw from this contract at any time.
Signature:_________________________________________ Date: ______________________________                         Karen L. Troxel