Lady Switch Fire

I regret to inform you all on so many levels that Lady Switch Fire and I are no longer partners in Sinsual Gourmets and I am sole owner again, by her own actions of breech of agreements and my missing money.

Many of you know Lady Switch Fire and I, had been looking for a bigger space for some time now and we had held out for something perfect for our needs since moving is such a nightmare. Also after three and a half years of promises to fix the door bell buzzer intercom at my apartment  I withheld part of the rent to get the repair done since I was promised last month it would be fixed properly…. since this State of Colorado does not have a “Warranty of Habitability”  so I was evicted for refusal of a home repair (like hearing if someone come by to see you is not important I guess) and had to be out by the 17th of Sept. The Owners Attorney gave me some extra days to be out due to the circumstances. A couple of months earlier Lady Switch Fire had been evicted from the same building non payment. The next day Lady Switch Fire told me she found a perfect incall and we drove right over then to see it. No one was there when we got there but I saw the outside and she explained the inside to me. Apparently Lady Switch Fire said they were good friends and would give us Sept Free but Oct we had to have rent going. Not a problem there I thought.

Lady Switch Fire dealt with the owners and gathering a brute squad to move us and I was in charge of packing, getting utilities transferred, Uhaul and the piano movers. Wednesday she said she signed half of the lease and when the piano was moved I could signed then. I thought it was a time saving idea too. So Lady Fire got the money and deposit from my side and did her deals. Lady Fire also had a huge fight with her boyfriend and kicked him out according to her with a police escort and now it was clear sailing to the new place she said.

Thursday Lady Switch Fire helped me pack up the dungeon halfway and we ran out of boxes and were joking and laughing and looking forward to the new place while on a box run. After that Lady Switch Fire said she had to deal with some BF stuff and would be back at 8:30 which also gave her a few hours to relax. I never heard from her that night.

The next morning I started calling at 8:30 am and by noon I was very worried something might have happened with her BF as I still had not heard from Lady Switch Fire. I was concerned and yes a bit worried I still had a lot to pack up there too. I still had not got the address yet because Lady Switch Fire kept forgetting some type of ” House Lease Packet ” they gave her and I had piano movers due that afternoon but worried became stressed now. It was when the piano movers came I had to put the baby grand in storage because I just figured out right then I got burned for a lot of money from my partner of a year … Lady Switch Fire. I was very lucky because I got some people in the Hobby to help me load up along with emergency hugs for me as I was devastated someone could do this to anyone muchless me and a couple of them even loaned me money so I could at least put it in storage till I regrouped and got my cash back from Lady Switch Fire (and she had it all too).  And I am very thankful for all of their help too by the way.

Lady Fire would not pick up the phone and talk to me at all and still won’t. That night a lot of people called her and she hung up on them too. It was a rough weekend and not knowing was extremely distressing and so depressing.

Everything was really fine when I bought her lunch the day before. I did not see this coming at all. So now the piano is in storage and all my belongings are in storage which means so is my Dungeon equipment. (I did go in and make a play bag so I can start to regroup from this experience by doing sessions) In the last stages of the move some equipment was left behind along with some personal belongings like the Fridge with ice maker I just bought as there were not enough people helping to move it safely it weights a ton. This is such a drag but could not be helped either. We did get the majority of it loaded and then the next day I had to try and find help to unload it. Short notice was only a brave attempt which produced one person who did it out of pity I think (bless his heart). And I do appreciate everyone’s help and support during and after this ripped off & still moving nightmare.

The very last load made was what I could grab to use while I figured out a new plan of action. These things I loaded in the car (which I ironically just got recently) and now was going to be my new address. Right now I have $3.00 dollars to my name. I admit sleeping in a car for 5 days has been not so great for me on many levels I honestly think I am in some sort of shock from this experience.

I am advertising outcall’s at this time and this also costs. My goal is to get a place ASAP to at least do sessions, so I can make some money to pay off Uhaul which I held the truck over two days more then I asked for and I will be having 1st of the month costs including new ones. Had my dungeon been up this week I could have worked as planned and been a bit better off I would have been okay as we had sessions planned.

Now if any of you had planned to session in the near future with me and or can send a prepay or a deposit to that it would be a real major help at this moment.

I will honor my agreements as always.

** Donation Deposit ** as subject line.

Contact me for more information if needed please on how to send there are several choices.

There are other things I’m also trying to do now but takes time

however I admit it this is one scared Dominatrix here

and if any could help in such a manner

it would be helpful and not forgotten.

Since Lady has yet to have the nerve to pick up the phone

I am thinking my money is long gone there. I have tried to call her even leaving nasty messages but after a theft who wouldn’t? She had the nerve to hide behind the police saying I was harassing her and he said she was going to get a restraining order … sort of hard to serve one of those while the person is homeless. I don’t know what happened and yes I can speculate but at this time I am needing to be a bit selfish …

A year ago I took her in and trained her and promoted her in many ways …

along with creating a web site which she failed to work as promised,

she became a 50-50 partner with nothing she invested simply because she and I worked so good together,

and we split it down the middle all of the costs and profits,

and when she left me hanging out to dry as her thanks I got the following …

she stole my rent money,

left me without a place to live,

Left without a dungeon to work from,

she forced me to place my furry family in a foster care home

and I am living out of my car now.

I know this is a shock and the drama is unreal as I am still floored someone could and would do this to someone else much less someone who treated her good.

So be very careful she is very good at ripping off people and not thinking twice about it. And she is out there now trying to work again as Amenthes and her story is so bogus like she is. I had been doing this for 8 years and Lady has to lie about  what happened and all because she is a Con Artist that is what they do best. But she is still out there and I am in my car so who is lying about what?  Another ASP had said she stole 200.00 from her in March 2007 and at the time I stood up for Lady Switch Fire and by doing so got banned from Bears Board along with her. I have said I am sorry to her for not believing to  that person and know Lady Switch fire also owes money to Bears Board too for advertising. Be careful of her and her tales of woe because she is a con artist and a good one too.

I now am interviewing for Lady’s replacement now who will not be a partner BTW lol and the sooner I can get set back up the better. I have not giving up however  I am shamed to write this web page but I do need help and will not be so stupid again. So if you can help by prepaying for a session ahead awesome thank you or just a little donation to help … if not then can ya say a little prayer I need a bunch of those. I will be selling the baby grand very soon if anyone wants it at a super price.

Thanks for listening to this rant, update, request, this web page. Sorry for the drama and desperation but I am at wits end now. Thank you to all who have helped me already and those who can during this.