What is dominatrix And How I do It

 I‘m a Denver Colorado Lifestyle & Professional Dominatrix (yes there is a difference) and just a Paddle Princess at heart (also known as a Mistress, Domina, Domme, Goddess of all that lives and breaths in the Universe) and I take my craft very seriously because I love BDSM the way it should be and  you will love it too.
I really enjoy training naughty souls in safe, sane & consensual BDSM from …
Age play, anal training bench workouts (Greek goddess training), blindfolds, bondage, candle wax, CBT, crops, canes, cross-dressing fun  from stockings to wigs, discipline only to your level of enjoyment, domination without the campy acting out some Dominate Performers think this what it is about, gas mask, hoods, Electro Play  with a  PES UNIT (the finest electro toy out there) TENS (I have two different types for different effects with Folsom and RUMBA Attachments along with Electric Flyswatter and Remote dog shock collar and of course a cattle prod for the real special beefcake’s) N.T., paddling/spanking, whips, sadism, slave/master, Smoking Fetishists are very welcome here, **SOUNDS with or without vibration**, MEDICAL PLAY, many vibrators for your personal performance tune up. So many types of Fetish fun & much more!
Dare now to be honest with someone about those erotic desires you’ve had forever and the deep need to explore this in a safe & sane way. Do so with someone in a consensual friendly environment that is yes taboo and yet so magical and truly laugh while enjoying the whole experience. Time is now to take a chance and embrace your fears and crawl on the wild side and know your secret is ever so safe here and be that kinky naughty soul who yearns to be discovered.
Once you agree to my terms  here and understand clearly that
Professional Domination is not prostitution
then you have my permission to enter this site.
Obey the LAW